Online marketing is expanded so vast that there is everything found on the net, right info, wrong ones, fake news, myths and facts, misconceptions about the trendy things and so on. SEO is one such trending topic where there are more fake concepts making the rounds than the actual fact.

There are many organisations dealing with best SEO techniques and creating your web page or site with SEO optimisation in place. They can help you in creating the whole website with optimization techniques that attract more load to your site. We have researched a lot and found the dilate digital to be the best among all other service providers, in case you are looking for genuine services.

Well, let’s talk about the fake facts or the myths that surround SEO.

More links inside, better is the optimisation:

This is one of the top false statements surrounding SEO. Earlier, it might have been quite popular. The sites with more number of links attached would pop up first. But, today the search engines have undergone a lot of changes and change in the algorithm of the SEO is constant, to enhance better visibility to newbies in the game.

Quality is important than quantity. So, if your site has too many links with unwanted or unrelated content, then your site isn’t doing well in the search pages.

SEO is just a trick or gimmick:

Totally false! SEO is a tool, which helps in filtering pages based on the search. It also takes in data from the past and lets the company know about the content that is most sought on the internet and demands from the site’s content. With this, the company can produce the demand of SEO and get on top.

The logic is simple and there is no ‘Trick or gimmick’ involved here, it’s purely logical reasoning.

There are much more to go, but we found these to be the harshest ones, without any logic!