You have seen those viral videos that everyone watches and has a million views. Not everyone can make content that can go viral. But the good news is that you can increase the view count of your YouTube videos when you buy real YouTube views from third party websites.

These video marketing providers help you quickly increase your video’s view count and improve its visibility in the search results. But because buying views is such a booming business, there are many providers who may not do it the legitimate way. This can end up in your video itself being removed. In worst cases, even your YouTube channel or account can be terminated. But these fake view websites will convince you otherwise.

After you have put in so much time and effort on your video, it doesn’t make sense to lose it to a fake views provider. So before you decide on buying views, you should look for these in your provider to ensure that they are genuine.

  1. High quality views – Look for a provider that will give your high quality views and not just a high view count
  1. Delivery time –It does not matter that your provider promises to give you 10000 likes for just $10. If the view count is not delivered in the required time, then it is of no use to you as a competing video could outnumber you.
  1. Viewing time–For a good ranking, YouTube requires a view to last at least 30 seconds. Ensure that your provider gives you enough viewing time per view.
  1. Safe –A trusted provider will only use safe promoting methods to improve the visibility of your videos and keep your account safe.
  1. Money-back guarantee–Another hallmark of a reliable views provider is that it has a good refund policy in place. This will help you invest your money in a provider that lives up to your expectations.