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Presentations: Universe, Space, Human body, animals, plants, cell, DNA, Nature in design, Evolution, Darwinism, Creation, biochemistry, genetics, paleontology, God, religions, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Israel, Mohammed, Jesus, Paradise and Hell, communism, fascism, racism, Matter, Matrix and desktop wallpaper… It is free to watch presentations, which are prepared in different topics, in this site. Also you can read books, download them, listen audios or watch movies, which are related to these topics again.

  Design in Nature
The Creation Of The Camel
Dolphins: And Their Miracle Sonar System
The Miracle of the Honeybee
The Miracle of the Honeybee - II
The Amazing Journey of the Salmon
The Spider: A Design Engineer
Miracle in The Ant
  Creation & Existence of God
Creation of Man
Creation of the Universe
Every Moment, Every Second
  Wisdom From The Qur'an
Islam: The Noble Path
The Truth of The Life of This World
The End Times and the Mahdi

  Design In The
The Miracle Planet: Earth
3600 Virtual Tour
Design in Nature
  Miracles Of The Qur'an
The Miracles of The Qur'an
Perished Nations
Perished Nations 2
Blockbuster About Jesus Raises Passions
  Refutation of Darwinism
Don't be Duped By Evolution
Evolution Documentary
The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity
The Collapse of Atheism

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